On the left we see the 1:1diet logo. On the right we see several images that includes the adventskalender

The 1:1 Diet Interactive Instagram Adventskalender

Client: The 1:1 Diet by CWP NL & BE
The company helps people all around the globe to reach their physical goals. To celebrate the community victories we came up with an interactive Instagram campaign to end the year with a bang! Since people absolutely 💜 free stuff… Why not make it fun & interactive?

The goal
Increasing engagement by giving back to the community & building stronger relationships with them

How we did it
We used Motion Graphic design and Instagram features such as timeline posts & Stories.
Next to it there was a winner everyday which a computer picked out (to keep things fair & square)
We created a content strategy for 24 days up until the 1st of Christmas. The results? Within 30 days time we managed to increase the engagement with the following results

On average: 38,63
24 timeline posts

On average: 57,83
24x timeline posts

And above all: A happy community!

It was so nice to collaborate on this with Tim. The 24-day advent calendar has been a success. We received many positive responses by our followers. A fun and positive way to boost our Instagram page!

Lisa Vogel – Social Media Specialist
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