“The 5Gs” Visual Marketing package

Designed to support you in every step of your event or campaign journey. 

1 - Get Investors / Sponsors

This package is designed when you need to attract investors or sponsors to your event or marketing campaign. Say goodbye to the endless debate with your peers regarding the choice of visual tools required to draw potential investors or sponsors in. It includes video production and design services. This package is perfect when you need help with get revenue for your event or campaign.

Working with Tim to create a campaign explainer video for our new laser projector was a great experience. He helped us develop a strong concept & video that highlighted the quality of our product. We also asked to created a kids version. We are extremely proud of the final result.​
Lead Marketing

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2 - Get Hyped

Let’s get people hyped shall we? This package attracts attention to your event or campaign goals through captivating short-form visual content tools. By utilizing videos, animation and graphics, you can create an immersive experience that goes beyond static text. This package helps you with getting eyeballs.

It was so nice to collaborate on this with Tim. The 24-day advent calendar has been a success. We received many positive responses by our followers. A fun and positive way to boost our Instagram page!
Lisa Vogel
Text & Media

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3 - Get Content

Capturing video and photo content during your event is essential. This package offers the perfect solution to obtain weeks or even months’ worth of content, enabling you to kickstart your post-event activities and establish a strong and consistent online presence. This package is ideal for those who desire content to be captured but prefer to handle the editing themselves.

We hired Tim remotely from the US to capture footage for an event with Ben & Jerry’s in Rotterdam. Tim was a pleasure to work with – he proactively communicated very well to ensure that he was clear on the goals of the footage. He sent his deliverables promptly and they were exactly what we needed.
Tay Olson

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4 - Get Aftermovie

Don’t tell but show! Show peers, partners or visitors what they missed out on by the use of a sick aftermovie. This shows all the hard work you have put into your event. You can use this video for your next edition or to send to new investors what your brand is all about. This package is perfect when you want to WOW your existing and future audiences to obtain the WOW factor.

It was a great pleasure working with Tim on this project. He’s flexible, pro-active and knows what to shoot and edit on our style of music. Would recommend him for your harder styles video project!
Marketing & Project Manager
Working with Winterfilms for our Ice Cream Kick-off event was simple, fun & fast. And best of all we produced a wonderful video that captured the essence of our event.
Angela Nilessen
Vice President Refreshment - Ice Cream & Tea - DACH
The aftermovie turned out to be super cool! We’re very pleased with the result. Thank you for a fun collaboration!
Eva Luijten
Field sales Coördinator OOH Unilever

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5 - Get Sales

By utilizing the appropriate visual tools aligned with your goals, on the right platforms and placements, you can effectively convert new audiences or website visitors into customers. This package caters specifically to your needs when you aim to generate sales in the pre-event phase.

Tim has helped us create multiple animated videos. He took our concept idea, which was still in development, and executed it seamlessly. Their personal approach made the process easy and enjoyable. We use the animations to generate sales through our socials.

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How much does this package cost?

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand – Schedule an Free Discovery Call with us so we know if we're a good fit for you, and you for us.

Can I get a phase separately?

Yes. The 5G's is designed to help you in whatever phase you're currently in with your event marketing.

How long will it take to finish each phase?

Usually each phase takes between 2-3 weeks max. Depending on the type of visual tool I can give you a clear answer during our discovery call. Book one here.

How many phases are there?

The 5G's consist out of 5 phases but can be ordered separately. For example; if you only need an aftermovie you can pick the 'Get Aftermovie' package.

I have a complicated product or event: is video right for me?

Yes! One of the great benefits of using an Explainer Video is converting tough, dry text into appealing visuals that communicates the right things. It will be super easy for your audience to understand anything now.

How do I know if The 5G's package offers a good ROI?

Determining if The 5G's package offers a good ROI can be done by measuring its impact on target audience and the cost against revenue generated. Also, measuring the value over time is important.

How many packages have you sold and which brands have you worked with?

The past 14 years I've created hundreds of video's of differents kinds and lengths for small & large businesses  around the global and designed thousands of graphics and 10's of websites.

The 5G's is my brand new offer which combines multiple phases in 1 package. I saw businesses only ask for 1 deliverable but you can get way more out of content than just one thing. That's why I build this package.

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